International DJ, producer and six times Amsterdam label heavyweight, welcome to the world of 2000 and One.

2000 And One (aka Dylan Hermelijn) has been on the forefront of electronic dance music since the late eighties. His pioneering vision of dance music across the last 2 decades now ranks him as one the most versatile, sought after international artists, performing weekly on the house, techno and techhouse global club and festival circuits.

He's not only recognised as a magnet for the clubbing crowds but also credited as the inspiration and glue that binds Amsterdam's new school generation of producers/DJs. Heading up Amsterdam renowned labels 100% Pure, Remote Area, Area Remote as well as co-running Intacto Records, Bangbang! and Bitten - he's known for championing the Amsterdam sound as well as propelling the scene's visibility into the global club lights.

Just back from his South American tour after releasing his world class mix on the 2nd Voltt CD, he's now ready to cook the dancefloors for the summer.
2000 and One hotspots include Space/Ibiza for his summer residency, Eden/Ibiza for Pete Tong's Wonderland party, Tokyo's Wire Festival as well as all of Sensation's "we celebrate life with house" parties for the next 2 years. Performing back to back with Joris Voorn, they'll start off in Amsterdam on 3 July for the party launch, then they're off to Australia, Brazil, Chile, Russia, Germany.....

In this month's special artist feature, he takes time out to tell us more about Sensation and his summer plans - plus shares his recent back-to-back set with Joris Voorn for our June podcast.

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Vision and versatility - the DNA that defines 2000 and One's as an artist. Whether he's performing for 40,000 housecrowds at Sensation, 2500 techno lovers at Awakenings or at a small South American underground tech house club with 400, he'll always cook the dancefloor.
That's why we're delighted that for our June podcast, he's shared his recent set from Awakenings, back-to-back with Joris Voorn. Happy downloading and dancing!

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Sensational Summer by Planet Gong
  2000 and One/Joris Voorn

OK let's start with the BIG news. You're confirmed in the line-up for all the Sensation parties. Tell us more!
Yes! It's really an exciting challenge that will be rolled out across the next 2 years. The Sensation parties have grown in size as well as global scope and the launch of Sensation's 'we celebrate life with house' party kicks off in Amsterdam this year on 3 July. From there it continues around the world, including Australia, Brazil, Chile, Russia, Germany.
I've been invited to perform at each party, playing back to back with Joris Voorn.

Back to back with Joris? Is that a new collaboration?
No not at all, we're great friends and we've teamed up for several parties in the last 12 months -the first time at Womb in Tokyo, then in Miami at WMC and again a few months ago at Awakenings in Amsterdam.

So what can the 40,000 partygoers at Sensation expect?
Banging house tunes like they used to be! I'm not talking old school tunes, but recapturing the spirit of house music from back then and bringing that feeling forward into 2010. There'll be a spectacular sound and light experience, amazing atmosphere plus a few surprises. Each party is going to be one hell of a show and I cant wait.

Talking of the clubbing crowds, there seems to be a lot of diversity in the venues and audiences that you play, for example 40,000 housecrowds at Sensation, 2500 techno lovers at Awakenings, a small South American underground tech house club with 400. Why?
I love the diversity in electronic dance music, it drives me as an artist to be versatile. The different crowd cultures, countries and party vibes makes it impossible for me to offer one common club sound. The more I travel and perform around the world, the more I see the subtle differences, expectations and demands of each club and its specific crowd. From the mega clubs with international audiences to the smaller regional hotspots - very different audiences with very different tastes.

So how do you give the crowds what they want?
I would say that 70% of what I play is based on the energy and audience interaction at that moment. It's a dynamic experience. I love to soak up the atmosphere and play the music that has influenced and inspired me, be it techno, house or tech house. At the end of the day it's not about genres, it's about good music for the dancefloor.

Talking of techno, techhouse and house, you're involved with six labels. So are they classified in specific genres? What's the story behind each?
Thats easy:
100% Pure is Amsterdam's longest running techno/techhouse label. I set it up with Sandy Huner in 1993 and now I run it solo. All the music released here offers the sounds and spirit of the BIG room.
Remote Area represents the new school sounds from established 'Dutch Masters', capturing the sounds of the new generation of Holland's producers.
Area Remote specialises in showcasing the latest sounds from abroad - plus welcomes the newest rising stars from Amsterdam.
Intacto is a melting pot of influences - from Chicago to Detroit, from minimal techno to techhouse. I co-run it with Shinedoe.
Bangbang! is the new house label that I've launched recently with Sandy Huner. Sandy and I felt that a hot new house label was needed, the same as when we set up 100% Pure way back in 1993.
Bitten is the new tech house imprint that Sandy and I also recently launched. It can be best described as banging new tunes with more emphasis on the techno side of life.

With regards to your own productions. You recently released Peking Duck on Intacto, and across the last 6 months we've seen several remix and edit collaborations with artists such as Sandy Huner and DJ Madskillz, plus there was your Voltt compilation mix CD - but your last major output was your album Heritage last summer, so what have you been doing in between each release?
HA HA! We'd probably need a whole interview dedicated to just this question. I guess the list of my gig dates says it all. It's been non-stop and thankfully shows no sign of stopping. As well as the performances and productions I've been involved with, there have been some special projects such as creating an exclusive ringtone linked to my gig at the WIRE festival in Japan and there's also a new rmx that I'm busy creating something special around.. but you'll have to wait until Sensation to experience that.
Oh and I've spent a lot of time and thought setting up my new studio!

New studio? We're curious tell us more!
Well everyone knows that technology is racing ahead with new hardware and tools emerging almost at a daily rate - I just had to upgrade. I won't give all the specifics, but in short I've just got the latest Mac Pro complemented with some state of the art hardware based powered plug-ins - very cool!

So far, did you have any personal highlights in 2010?
I guess if I could mention one it would have to be my tour in South America this Spring. Such a beautiful continent with fantastically friendly people. I loved it and can't wait to go back there.

As you look ahead, can you predict any upcoming highlights for the next few months?
Well for sure each Sensation party will be a massive highlight for me - but if I look ahead in the next few months I guess my summer residency in Ibiza is also very exciting, then there's Eden/Ibiza on 2 July after an invitation from Pete Tong to join him there. I'm also hyped about Wire in Tokyo and for sure my closing set with Shinedoe at the Welcome to the Future festival is going to brilliant. Lots of future highlights to experience

So how do you keep your friends and fans updated with projects and dates?
Twitter for short snippets of news| myspace for dates| Facebook|

For label updates it's best to check out:
100% Pure| Remote Area & Area Remote| Intacto| Bangbang!| Bitten|

OK! Last question. What would you like to have been asked in this interview and how would you have answered it?
You never asked me who will win the world cup.
I would have answered "Holland" of course!

16.06: Space - Ibiza - Spain
18.06: Futureclubbing, LVC Leiden - Netherlands
25.06: Rote Sonne - Munich - Germany
26.06: Ministry Of Sound - London - UK
02.07: Wonderland @ Eden - Ibiza - Spain
03.07: Sensation - Amsterdam - Netherlands
04.07: Stereo Sunday, Venlo - Netherlands
18.07: Ten Days Off - Gent - Belgium
22.07: Ice Cream l'Atlantida - Sitges, Barcelona - Spain
23.07: Gem Sessions, Catwalk Rotterdam - Netherlands
24.07: Below - Birmingham - UK
28.07: Space - Ibiza - Spain
31.07: Part Festival - Agard - Hungary
07.08: Welcome to the Future, 't Twiske (Amsterdam) - Netherlands
08.08: Beatsball, Groningen - Netherlands
12.08: Neo Pop Festival - Viana do Castelo - Portugal
13.08: Ambra - Sardinia - Italy
18.08: Space - Ibiza - Spain
20.08: AIR, Amsterdam - Netherlands
21.08: Lakedance, Eindhoven - Netherlands
21.08: Soenda Festival, Utrecht - Netherlands
28.08: Wire - Yokohama - Japan

All updates announced on myspace


1. DJ Madskillz - Liquid Air | Bitten
This tune is a killer.. BUT you have to hear it at a huge rave or somewhere like Berlin's Berghain, otherwise it doesn't do it justice

2. Doomwork - Feversax | Area Remote
These very talented Italian duo always make tunes for the dance floor. Hot summer old skool saxophone house anthem

3. DJ Sandy vs Housetrap - Overdrive [2000 and One RMX] | CD-R
This is a hard disco/house classic from the late 90's which I have sweet memories I did a current edit/rmx to do it all over again

4. . Reboot - Hermano | Cadenza
Hermano Reboot! What more can I say, salsa jazzy house from Germany...can you believe it? I do.

5. . iO - I Swear | Rejected
Again very talented new generation producers. At least 3 to 4 iO tracks in my set, this is one of them

6. Butch - XTC | 100% Pure
Old skool rave flavoured peak time tune only Butch can do

7. 2000 and One & DJ Madskillz - Sleepwalker | 100% Pure
A tribute to one of my best friends out there

8. Joris Voorn - Incedent [2010 RMX] | CD-R
Joris re-mixes this old piano sampled Underground Resistance tune, lovely chords!

9. Kaiserdisco - Carambolo | MBF
I call this HARD TECH HOUSE...very effective dance floor party animal.

10. Kabale und Liebe feat the Fog - Since you looked into my eyes | Remote Area
A true classic house sample so well used by Mr. Kabale, instant hit!

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